About Hedado?

We help people reach their philanthropic goals and exclaim "I've given!" → or in spanish 'He dado!'


We’re building the future of personal philanthropy. We accomplish this by providing tools for individuals to plan, make, manage, and track their charitable giving. Having a single place to view all your giving is core to our mission, so we offer a receipt tracker for all your donations outside of Hedado.

For Nonprofits

Our product is free and does not require a signup. When individuals choose to make a donation to your organization, ’ll receive that money through the Donor Advised Fund we partner with.


Hedado is free to donors and free to nonprofits. Hedado does not take a cut of the donation to nonprofits. In the future, Hedado will explore a gratuity based model for the service it provides.


Hedado is a Public Benefit Corporation incorporated in Delaware. The specific public benefit purpose of the corporation is to help nonprofits and charities through sustained, predictable, and increased financial giving by creating donor-focused products and innovations.