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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hedado?Hedado is the future of personal philanthropy. We make it easy for individuals to plan, make, and manage their charitable giving.
Who is Hedado?Hedado is run by experienced leaders who have a passion for eliminating inequality in the world. To learn more about us, please visit our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hedado
How does Hedado work?
  1. Find nonprofits to support or bring a list of ones you already support. If you need help, you can browse our recommendations. If you're not finding what you like, let us know and we'll help you.
  2. Add nonprofits to a portfolio and decide how much each should receive on a percentage basis. We'll help you weight-allocate the portfolio to 100%.
  3. See your giving in one place, and prepare for tax time. If you've made donations outside of Hedado, don't worry, you can forward receipts to [email protected] and we'll include those.
How does Hedado curate nonprofits?Choosing charities can be difficult. As Hedado matures we will create our own recommendations to provide you.
For now, we rely on other great sources of information and make them available to you so you don't have to search and sift. Our trusted guides include: GiveWell, GivingGreen, Donational, The Life You Can Save, Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and others.
Generally, our approach is that impact and vision are critical. Financial transparency is also important, more so than keeping overhead to a minimum.
How much does each charity in my portfolio get? You can split your overall donation across your selected charities as you see fit. If you have a $100 monthly donation and 4 charities in your portfolio, the allocation can be any combination of percentages that add to 100% (e.g. 20%, 50%, 15%, 15%).
Can I add or remove charities to my portfolio? Yes! You can add (or remove) any 501(c)3 organization to your portfolio.
Can I edit the allocations in my portfolio?Yes! You can change the donation splits across your portfolio at any time.
Is my portfolio private or public?Your portfolio is private by default. You can share your portfolio page with others if you’d like.
What costs are associated with using Hedado?You incur no costs to use Hedado and 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Hedado partners with Stripe as a credit card processor, and Every.org, a nonprofit, to get funds to the nonprofits you choose. To make that possible, Stripe charges processing fees and Every.org withholds 2.25% of funds. These partnerships make donating through Hedado more efficient than most platforms as the nonprofit does not have to incur any costs for technology.
How does Hedado make money?We only make money if you choose to pay us - in the form of tips. This allows us to continue to help you — and others — make a greater impact.
Can I automate when and how much I give? Yes! We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual recurring giving.
Can I make a one-off donation too?Yes!
Are my donations tax-deductible?Yes! Your donation is made to Every.org, a US 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity with EIN 61-1913297. Every.org then grants funds on your behalf to nonprofits you've chosen in Hedado. No goods or services are provided to you in exchange for your gift. Therefore, the full amount you paid qualifies as a charitable contribution for US tax purposes.
How do the charities receive my donation? Donations are directly distributed to charities and make use of smart features like donation pooling to ensure that charities spend more on making an impact, and less on processing donations. Standard credit card payment processing fees apply.
What receipts can I forward?We'll accept all donations you've made, whether to nonprofits or otherwise. We'll do the work of identifying which are tax deductible and not.
Is my information private? Your name, personal information, and individual donation history will never be shared without your permission. Hedado does aggregate donation history to provide giving benchmarks, which are shared with users on this platform.
What if I don't have a receipt? That's OK. You can send an email with the amount, recipient, and date. While we may not be able to validate tax deductibility, we'll still add it to your profile.
Do you take year-end giving reports as a receipt? We'll take those too. If you rounded up retail purchases or made a donation through a donor advised fund - it's all trackable.