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All your giving in one transaction

Take control of your philanthropy with Hedado's giving portfolio

Today, online giving is dispersed across the web. Hedado lets you aggregate the philanthropy you’re already making into a single and efficient transaction.

Find the nonprofits you want to support

Search from any of the 1.5M+ nonprofits we support or discover new ones from our curated lists.

Make one easy contribution and we'll allocate the % you've set to each of your charities

Find a new cause? You can add or remove charities from your portfolio at any time. Want to increase your impact? Change your contribution and we'll adjust the amount each of your charities gets automatically.

Donate automatically with recurring payments

Set up monthly, quarterly, or annual donations to provide the nonprofits you love with predictable funding so they can focus on their mission, or make one-time contributions whenever you want.

Take control of your valuable time, and let Hedado do the heavy lifting

With a single transaction, Hedado takes care of distributing 100% of your money to the nonprofits you choose.