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You can get $300 back on your taxes just for donating.

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How does Hedado work?

Create a portfolio of nonprofits you care about.

Include any of the 1.5M+ nonprofits in the U.S. and tell us what percent of your contribution each should receive.

Donate to your portfolio with one payment.

Decide how much to donate and how often, and whether to do it anonymously or not. Your donations through Hedado are 100% tax deductible.

Be the boss of your philanthropy.

Include transactions from anywhere by forwarding your receipts. Get prepared for tax time with your history report. See the good you're doing in the impact center.

Privacy matters.

You're in the pilot's seat when it comes to privacy. Share only what you like, and change your mind whenever you like.

Your data is yours to keep. We don't sell it or share it with anyone.

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